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From Chetan Parekh- B.E.(EC),NCFM

Electronics & Telecom  ENGINEER and Financial Market Experts  AND active in importing ferrous/non-ferrous metals business as professionals in INDIA,                          

Wel-known as a BAD TIME ASTRO ANALYST for the last 20 years

Chetan Parekh


CHETAN PAREKH BRINGS INDEPTH TIME BASED ASTROLOGY MECHANISM SINCE 20 YEARS and future indications for business class corporate individuals, enterprenure,doctors, advocates, polititians, scientists, stockmarket investors, speculators, gambling people, job seeker, foreign travelers and all those who are committed and willing to utilize 100% of their efficiency and plan important decision of life and those who are enjoying best periods of their life and want to know what is the life of this period and when problems are going to arrive in our life must take advise of scientific and logical astrology mathamatics to understand destiny. Astrology is the most ancient science available on the EARTH..


Why one needs support and guidance from the science of Astrology and how exactly it is useful for every commited human being. Let us analyse topics.

1st topic : We are always worried about happiness, health, reputaionm, staus, character, prosperity, desires and their fulfillments, vitality, personality development.  Astrology can very well guide you precisely which is the best defined time in your life for these subjects.

2nd topic: We can not live without wealth, family, forune and vision of life. It is essential to know about your eyes smsppech, status, addition in family membership, social and government status, smoking habits, drinking habits and education in your life. One can take very positive idea and future pictures about any such question in our life.

3rd topic: Subject like Arm/Hand, Communications  Courage, Ear/Hearing, Initiatives, Respiratory Functions, Shoulders, Short journeys/travel, Writing,  Younger Siblings, Mental Growth can also be discussed from your horoscopic data. We can definetly take guidance from coming time frame about any such ideas. 

4th topic : In addition ,we are very well framed to understand about Assets, Mind, Possessions, Chest, Domestic Happiness, Education, Ability of Acquiring Basic Education, Heart, Mental Peace, Mother, Property, Vehicles, Purchase of Home, Promotion, Domestic Harmony, Marital Happiness in our life.

5th topic: Not only this but knowledge about Children, Colon, Emotional Peace, Inclinations, Higher Education, Intelligence, Analytical Skills, Discrimination, Position, Speculative Gains, Spine, Spiritual Pursuits, Stomach Area, Romance, Sports, Liver/Pancreas, Income from Investments or Speculation, Happiness from Children, Depression can very be gained from such research.

6th topic: What we most worried about is health problem like Digestion, plus Disputes, Opposition and Conflict, Litigation, Enemies, Financial Solvency/Ability to Pay off Debts, Health, Employees, Kidneys, Losses by Fire or Theft, Lower Abdomen, Female Internal Reproductive Organs, Nervous Control, Disease, Dietary Habits. These are most essential to understand and how it can react badly in our coming time frame.

7th topic : Social life is backbone of each individual. We must know about  Long-Term Partners,, Marriage, Pelvic Area, Residence in Distant Places or Foreign Lands, Travel, Contracts, Spouse in our life.

8th topic:One must know when worst period or accidental period is going to arrive. We can analyse in depth about Accidents, Wealth/Easy Gains/Inheritances, Genitals, Health, Chronic Illness, Longevity, Marital Tie, Obstacles, Debts, Set Backs,  Death-like Experiences, Misfortunes, Disgrace, disappointments. If you know when this part of your time is going to arrive, you can surely protect your self from danger of most of the negatives.

9th topic :  To understand Arterial System, Thighs, Bone Marrow, Guru, Father, Foreign Travel, Distance and Short Travel, Good Fortune, Spiritual Pursuits, Meditation, Past Deeds, Pilgrimages, Spiritual Education is very important. We can set our positive attitude accordingly. Try to know such period.

10th topic : What most important in our life is Character, Reputation,  Profession, Status/Position, Political Concerns, Ambition. If we plan these as per favourable subject of destiny, we earn a lot out of all our efforts.

11th topic :Moreever, othrt subjects like Arm/Hand, Ear/Hearing, Elder Siblings, Friends, Income, Gains, Lower Legs, Social Concerns, Prosperity are very crucial and important in our life.One must understand it.

12th topic: Most required to understanf is Bed Pleasures, Confinement, Hospitalization, Imprisonment, Expenses, Losses, End of Life, Eye/Vision, Feet, Journeys Abroad, Foreign Residence, Longevity, Separation From Family, Liberation, Research, Conjugal Marital Happiness. Minimise the effect of bad period by planning its protection earlier before it arrives.

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(1)                 Basic consultaion including next 30 years forcasting in brief:  $100 /Rs.5100/-

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(4)                 Employee Selection( for each person)                                : $100/Rs.5100/-


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